Career in Early Intervention

Professionals Needed in Early Intervention

Audiologists identify auditory impairments, determine the range, nature, and degree of hearing loss and communication functions, refer for medical services for habilitation or rehabilitation, provide services for prevention of hearing loss and determine need for individual amplification.

Special Educator / Early Childhood Educator provides special instruction (working directly with children to achieve their individual goals) and consultation with families and/or childcare providers.

Family Therapists assist the family of a child eligible for early intervention services in understanding the special needs of the child and enhancing the child’s development and ability to perform tasks in home, school, and community settings.
Nurses assess a child’s health in order to provide nursing care, restore or improve functioning and promote optimal health and development, and administer medications, treatments, and regimes prescribed by a licensed physician.

Nutritionists conduct individual assessments in nutritional history, dietary intake, feeding skills and feeding problems.

Orientation & Mobility Specialists perform assessments regarding a child’s ability to perform motor tasks related to her environment; provide services to promote optimal functioning in her environment.

Occupational Therapists provide services to address the functional needs of a child related to adaptive development, adaptive behavior and play, sensory, motor, and postural development. These services are designed to improve the child’s functional ability to perform tasks in home, school, and community settings.

Physical Therapists provide services that promote a child’s sensorimotor functioning to enhance a child’s musculoskeletal status, neurobehavioral organization, perceptual and motor development, cardiopulmonary status, and effective environmental adaptation.

Physicians/Pediatricians provide services necessary to enable the child to benefit from early intervention services; prescribe medication, treatments, and regimes so a child may benefit from early intervention services to the maximum extent.

Psychologists administer psychological and developmental tests and other assessment procedures and interpret the results.

Speech/Language Pathologists identify communicative or oropharyngeal disorders and delays in development of communication skills, and make referrals for medical or professional services necessary for habilitation or rehabilitation.

Service Coordinators plan child’s evaluations and assessments. If the child is determined eligible for EI services, the service coordinator explains services and supports that might help the family and coordinate services for children with disabilities and their families.

Social Workers make home visits, review patterns of parent-child interaction, prepare a social or emotional development assessment of the child within the family context, provide family-group counseling to identify and address problems that affect the child’s maximum utilization of early intervention services.  

How can I inquire about a career in Early Intervention and Babies Can’t Wait?

Babies Can't Wait is administered through 18 District offices throughout the state. Each local program is administered by an Early Intervention Coordinator. The 18 district programs are responsible for their own hiring and contracting of early intervention service providers.

You may use the Children and Youth with Special Needs Coordinator Contact List to contact the Early Intervention Coordinator for each local program. For more information about the Babies Can’t Wait program contact the Babies Can’t Wait Central Directory at 1-800-229-2038.


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