Individual Learning Projects
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One way to earn continuing education hours for Babies Can't Wait is to develop and submit for pre-approval, an Individual Learning Project (ILP). There are several ways to do this.

  • You may create a project with goals and activities and a written summary to be completed and submitted.
  • You may choose reading materials in a subject area related to Babies Can't Wait, early intervention, or a disability that you want to learn more about. After you have read these materials, you will write a summary (what you read and what you learned, for example).
  • You may view videos and discuss what you have learned from the Children with Special Needs Training and Technical Assistance Video Resource Library. This video library is managed by the Institute on Human Development and Disability (IHDD) at the University of Georgia. To learn more about the video library and for contact information, click here.

All ILPs must be pre-approved by Project SCEIS continuing education committee. Also, you must be supervised for these activities and have your supervisor's signature before approval and once the activity is completed. Your supervisor's review following the activity and statement of successful completion is required when you submit for credit once the activity is completed.

To request pre-approval for in ILP you must complete the Project SCEIS CEU form. Complete sections 1 and 3. Get supervisor's approval and signature on form. Attach documentation of your proposed ILP (name of materials, references, etc.) and submit to Project SCEIS. Once your project has been reviewed you will be notified if it has been approved or denied. If approved, complete the proposed activity and them submit the form again with attached letter from your identified supervisor on letterhead, stating that you have completed the activity satisfactorily.

If you have any questions concerning ILPs, please contact Nicole Edwards at Project SCEIs (; phone: 404-413-8327; fax: 404-413-8043).

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