Higher Education Consortium Listserv

Membership in Georgia's HEC and HEC Listserv is open to those individuals who are faculty at a Georgia technical school, college, or university in one of the early intervention disciplines.

If you are interested in joining the HEC and HEC Listserv please print the form below, complete and submit to:
HEC/Project SCEIs Dept EPSE
PO Box 3979
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30302-3979

To join the Listserv, please e-mail Eileen Kaiser at ekaiser3@gsu.edu

The Higher Education Consortium meets in conjunction with the annual HEC Research Institute at locations throughout Georgia.

Past topics include:

07/07/95 Telemedicine & Distance Learning
09/08/95 Goals and Mission
03/15/96 Articulation/Technical Schools
05/24/96 Technology/Internet
09/24/96 Parent Child Interaction
02/27/97 Best Practices in Inservice/Preservice Training
06/27/98 Autism
09/05/97 Cross- University Collaboration
03/06/98 NICU/Preemies
05/08/98 Parent/Professional Collaboration
06/16/98 Preemies
06/25/99 Case Method Instruction
09/09/99 Natural Environments
06/8-9/00 Developing Social Relationships
05/3-4/01 Adapting Early Childhood Practices and Materials to Honor the Diversity of our Children and Families
07/11-12/02 Transition
2006 Issues in Early Social Emotional Development
2007 Evidence-Based Practice for Young Children with Autism
2008 Screening Assessment in Social Emotional Competence
2009 Transition Practices; Working with African American Families
2010 Supporting Secure Relationships in Families At-Risk
2011 Best Practices in Assessment: Informed Clinical Opinion & Authentic Assessment

Severe Communication Disorders in Young Children


For more information, contact:
Peggy Gallagher, Ph.D.
, Project Director

Eileen Kaiser, M. Ed. Assistant Project Director

Project SCEIs
Department of EPSE
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 3979
Atlanta, GA 30302-3979
Phone:(404) 413-8327
Fax:(404) 413-8043

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