SCEIs Workshop Registration 2014
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Workshop Registration

Please fill in this form and it will be electronically transmitted to the SCEIs office.  You will receive a mailed or faxed confirmation.

In order to register for a SCEIs workshop you MUST be able to answer YES to one of these questions.  Please check the one that applies to you:

Are you employed by Babies Can't Wait? OR Are you or the agency that you work for under contract with Babies Can't Wait? *
Are you the parent of an infant or toddler who is receiving services from Babies Can't Wait?

You may register for all of your workshops on your level: (6 if you are a Level I personnel;5 if you are a Level II)

Level I workshops are  for those who do not hold a Bachelor's degree in an early intervention discipline. These may include: child care practitioner, EI paraprofessional, or a parent of a child in BCW. 

Level II workshops are for those who hold a Bachelor's degree in an early intervention discipline such as: Special Education or Early Childhood Education, Speech, Psychology, Nutrition, Nursing, Social Work, or Therapists (OT, PT, Audiology).

Note: You may only register for the Credentialing Workshop AFTER you complete all SCEIs workshops.

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